Will you become a leader to a new era of thriving cities, towns and regions?

Places thrive when their uniqueness is seen and supported. But our usual practices stifle and suppress it.

Are you ready to lead your place to a state of thriving beyond what you know is possible?

Understanding and Planning

Following an important short discovery step, our Story of Place process is the foundation of all future work. In this process, the essential patterns of the deep health of a place are revealed in an interdisciplinary team. A powerful energy is created. This is channelled into tangible regenerative strategy, investment and implementation plans that are explicitly design to elevate the unique patterns required for the place to thrive.

Thriving Cities, Towns and Regions

Our flagship offering for governance and development leaders to lead into an era of thriving cities is called Wellbeing of Cities Initiative. It builds on our Understanding and Planning offerings, taking a full 6-month Story of Place process as its source, from which increasing numbers of arenas of work are designed, all in the context of elevating life and health in your city, town or region. We also offer programmes focused on Net Positive transitions and Wise Cities.

Regenerative Governance

Some governance leaders are responsible for places that are over-dependent on a small number of industries whose future is uncertain, or are responsible for economically neglected places. These leaders might want to centre their approach to regenerative transition on economic development and new industry creation. If this is how you see it, you will want to explore our Regenerative Industry Development and Regenerative Governance and Impact reporting services.

Regenerative Discovery

For public governance, placemaking and property development leaders who are new to regeneration and are actively exploring how one of JET’s programmes for nations, regions, cities & villages can put them at the forefront of  impact, governance and systemic wellbeing.

The workshop brings interdisciplinary stakeholders together across ministries, municipalities, development authorities, investors and community leaders to develop an initial understanding of regeneration. Then stakeholders co-design, using regenerative frameworks, the unique transition programme.

The transition programme is documented from the perspective of guiding principles, high-level strategy, planning, budget, funding strategy and impact measures. The whole process takes 2-3 weeks depending on availability of your participants.

Story of Place

Our Story of Place process is foundational for all of our core services and products. It uses regenerative systematics to unlock the unique potential of a place, which is the secret to thriving cities, towns and regions. For people who see the value of working with the life of a place to create something truly special, their first question is usually, “But how?”. The life of a place is complex and most of us have had to adopt the extractive, reductionist paradigm to be successful in the modern world.

A methodology is needed so that we can change the paradigm that we work from. Story of Place is a powerful, holistic methodology that does this. For participants in the Story of Place process, healing and their journey towards thriving starts long before the project is designed and implemented. It starts from day 1 of the process.

People who encounter the program or any of the individual regenerative projects emerging from the program will have their eyes and hearts opened to a different paradigm of life and health that will change them forever.

Regenerative Strategy and Planning

For regional, city and local governments, this programme works to connect and integrate leadership teams from across ministries, policy areas and disciplines to develop your strategy and planning using regenerative frameworks. This 6-month programme utilises a mini-Story of Place process that spans six weeks.

The programme builds on initial understanding and capabilities established in regenerative discovery and guides you on applying it to develop a powerful regenerative strategy and implementation plan for thriving cities, towns or regions.

At the end of the programme, governments will have powerful regenerative planning documentation including high-level strategy and plan, budgets and funding strategies for regenerative development of their region or city.

JET’s Wellbeing of Cities Initiative which is a multi-year program which can be acquired after this Regenerative Strategy and Planning Programme to enable successful implementation and impact outcomes.

Wellbeing of Cities Initiative

JET’s flagship programme, this multi-year and multi-phase programme engages places in a full 6-month Story of Place phase, followed by a multi-year implementation programme of specific initiatives that emerge from the full Story of Place. This programme can be applied at national, regional, city, town or village scales.

Multi-disciplinary design teams work together from the unique potential of place and ComUnityVerse, JET’s immersive governance impact tool is implemented and customised after Story of Place is complete.

All our Wellbeing of Cities initiatives are implemented using regenerative systematics frameworks, result in near unimaginable development into thriving cities, towns or regions and include coverage in international media and feature film production of the process.

Net Positive Places Programme

This programme is also a multi-year multi-phase programme, but with a core focus on achieving Net Positive outcomes, ensuring successful achievement in less than 10 years.

Why Net Positive? Many Governments are setting Net Zero targets to 2050 or later. This is because it feels as if there is a trade off between growth and economic prosperity and decreasing emissions and there is no clear methodology driving effective transitions. However, the AR6 published by the IPCC in 2023 reports that Net Zero will not be enough to reach our target of restricting planetary heating to no more than 2 degrees.

Regenerative capabilities and frameworks are a powerful set of resources for net positive strategy and implementation and will position you as a world leader in climate transitions, not in words but in real outcomes.

Wise Cities Initiative

Otherwise known as Regenerative Smart Cities, JET’s Wise Cities Initiative incorporates leading edge masterplanning from Story of Place, multi-disciplinary design teams working from your unique essence of place and technology innovations that accelerate to net positive whilst harnessing and expressing the potential of your unique ecology, cultural and heritage systems and societal structures.

This multi-year and multi-phase programme supports governments, urban planners and developers to develop Wise Cities, which are cities that are not only more efficient, but also effective in improving the conditions for life to thrive for all human and non-human stakeholders. This is done by utilising the inherent, but often overlooked wisdom of the living systems and cultures found locally.

Developing powerful regenerative capabilities and stewardship over the city by all city inhabitants, Jet’s Wise Cities ensures the city contributes to health and wellbeing as it becomes more efficient and effective. It brings together regenerative frameworks, leading edge technology and local wisdom for the perfect mix – regenerating value into the long term.

Regenerative Governance and New Economies

Regenerative Governance & New Economies is a development framework for creation of new economic sectors and patterns across national, regional, city and village spaces. This programme is well suited for places that are over-reliant on a small number of industry sectors or have been economically neglected. 

New wellsprings of innovation are discovered and developed into new productive economic sectors, all from the unique potential of your place. Because these are created from this unique potential, they are difficult or impossible for others to effectively replicate.

Regenerative Governance & Impact Reporting

This programme combines a full story of place with design of governance processes, all supported by implementation of the ComUnityVerse software product to enable your ongoing governance and impact reporting.

ComUnityVerse is the first regeneratively designed immersive governance impact tool, designed to disrupt the ineffectiveness of ESG and Sustainability reporting. ComUnityVerse combines web 3.0 technology including blockchain and tokenomics with machine learning and immersive visualization to enable near real-time impact reporting across four key areas of transformation: Society, Economy, Ecology, Cultural Heritage.

Including and going beyond carbon footprinting, it incorporates all emissions impacts across systems from individuals, groups, assets and whole cities, out to the larger biome, it assesses the value-adding impacts of all regenerative transition initiatives. Customised to your unique Story of Place and using verified climate science data, ComUnityVerse also enables predictive analytics that will allow governments to make informed decisions in strategy development and budgetary spend.

Guiding places, investors and corporations safely through regenerative transitions.