JET Extended Talent Network

JET’s extended talent network is a reciprocal relationship between JET Group and people who are interested in doing regenerative transitions work and who would like to explore working at JET at some point in the future.

Regenerative practice inverts the ways of developing communities and organisations shared by modern Anglo-European traditions. Instead of seeing the world we live in as a set of resources to be extracted and used for human benefit, regenerative practice starts with the view that our activity must benefit our planet and all its living beings including humans. As we now face a multitude of challenges unprecedented in our lifetimes, this way of working has never been more urgent and important.

Regenerative practice also complements the Anglo-European obsession with structures, by bringing attention to the relationships between structures, and the patterns expressed in the relationships between structures. Work is done by consciously considering all of these dynamics.

This is a vastly different way of living and working than most people living in Anglo-European traditions have learnt their whole lives. So it takes concerted effort to develop ourselves to be able to live and work in this way.

This is what the JET Extended Talent Network is for.

Participation in the JET Extended Talent Network will give people who are already strong in their chosen discipline the opportunity to learn regenerative practice… for free. JET Group benefits by having an existing network of people who are highly skilled in their chosen disciplines, who we know personally, and who can step in to join JET to do regenerative work when the time is right. And the world benefits by having more people with the know-how to live and work to benefit our planet and all its living beings.

The network will require commitment to 3 hours per month of contact time over an initial period of 6 months. There will also be some work between monthly sessions. The first cohorts will commence in late September 2022.

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