JET Group signs MoU with the The Peaceful Mind Foundation forming a new “Wellbeing of Cities” initiative

Lisbon, Portugal 10th August 2022JET Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Peaceful Mind Foundation creating a now project called the “Wellbeing of Cities Initiative”. A number of national leaders including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern are calling for a shift in how we regard wellbeing at a city, regional and national level. However, whilst many understand something beyond traditional economic measures such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is needed as a measure of health, not many have a plan in how to bring about a transition to a more holistic understanding of wellbeing and its implementation.

The Wellbeing of Cities Initiative brings together mental health specialists of the Peaceful Mind Foundation and the pioneering regenerative methodologies of JET Group which facilitates greater wellbeing at community; cultural, ecological and economic levels.
Regeneration is the process of developing human organisations and communities in a way that benefits biodiversity and climate rather than damages them whilst enabling above average value multiples to be achieved. The regenerative approach to the wellbeing of cities invites local stakeholders including government and civil society to
participate in the transition process, unlocking innovation and creating broader social, ecological and economic benefit through the transition process.

Peta Milan, CEO and Founder of JET Group stated, “We have seen a powerful de-polarising effect of regenerative field work in communities. We are currently offering proposals to mayors and governors US cities with a process for implementing pilot projects to tackle the endemic issue of homelessness, which kills more people in the US every year than cancer and the opioid crisis combined”. Professor Nabhit Kapur, Founder of the Peaceful Mind Foundation” commented “The Peaceful Mind Foundation is looking forward to its partnership with JET Group. Combining our talent network of mental health professionals and the access to city decision makers through our events with JET’s regenerative process and technologies will enable us to work on wellbeing at a scale that has not been seen before”.

Regenerative methods have a track record of success at a city-wide scale with respect to urban planning and design and community economic develop over the past 25 years. This collaboration will pioneer a new application of regenerative transition work to city scale wellbeing topics.

This MoU sees the Peaceful Mind Foundation become the second member of the Regenerative Transition Consortium founded by Peta Milan, which is an interdisciplinary group committed to working with regeneration to accelerate the world to net zero targets and create the conditions for the thriving of all of life.

To learn more about how JET Group and the Peaceful Mind Foundation can regenerate wellbeing in your community, contact